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Global sourcing complex film, hard mixed material
 Our company long-term purchase composite membrane, such as: PE/PA composite film, PE, PET/PE/PET composite film, PE/PVC, HDPE hard hard sundries sundries, PP film, PP, LDPE scrap film. Contact Zheng Chunjie mobile phone number: 18607119059, QQ: 18607119059, E-mail: 1347113214
Spain supply all kinds of waste plastics
 Union exim sl. is Spanish provider (all pictures taken in kind) web site:, long-term supply: HDPE hollow crushing material, HDPE agricultural pipe material, PP ton bag, LDPE film, plating ABS, HDPE bottle crushing material, HDPE bottle, PET bottle of brick, PET and PP mixed packing belt, drum membrane, PP rope, HDPE bucket material, PE pipe, PP material such as car all kinds of waste plastics. Mr. Wu, mobile phone: 0034685618383, QQ/: 1279141132 Micro message, e-mail:
Italy AQSIQ companies serve a wide variety of engineering plastics
 COMBITECH ITALIA SRL, founded in 1999, AQSIQ foreign suppliers can provide independent CCIC. headquartered in Italy North of economy, Commerce, industry and tourism from the famous city of Milan is more than 20 km, is a professional engaged in various engineering plastics, generic plastic and special engineering plastics modification and management of import/export firms. The company is committed to the modification of plastic raw materials and recycling business, and specializes in plastic raw material trading company with quality, variety of plastic materials. The chemical composition of our products have qualified, excellent physical and mechanical properties:With good flexibility, light weight, soft, color correct. We operate many different types of raw materials, we always adhere to all customer needs offers a full range of services and provide professional technical support in a wide range of application areas. At present, the company mainly deals in materials: PA6,PA66,PA66/6,PA6/66,PC,PC/ABS,CD/DVD,PET,PC/PET,TPEE,TPU,PBT,PBT/PC and so on. Secondly, we also supply a variety of plastic materials: PP,HDPE,LDPE,POM,PVC,GPPS,HIPS,LIPS,MIPS,PA11,PA12,PMMA,EPS,SAN. Companies in addition to selling ingredients above deck, corner, water breaking, other than raw, acquired its real for a long time, packs of cards, recycled and mining products; recycling plant with the rest of the different types of plastic materials, including have been processed or unprocessed broken material, material and so on. More than 10 years of experience in development and a number of business team has extensive expertise, allowing us to fully satisfy customer needs. We are looking forward to cooperation with you! Contact: Lu (Sales Manager) Tel: 0039-0331462687 fax: 0039-0331539939 Web site: Skype: luhuasun_combitechitalia QQ:1350268814
Global sourcing PE
 Tianjin Yue Xin International Trading Co., Ltd. is a production of LDPE, HDPE renewable particles of the enterprise, our company has import approval. A large demand for purchasing LDPE98 film, LDPE95 film and LDPE film, HDPE hollow crushing material (HDPE milk bottle crushing material, HDPE pipe broken material, HDPE blue bucket of crushing material, HDPE drum crushing material). Welcome customers at home and abroad to negotiate! Contact: Ms. He 13820691888, email:, QQ: 632641438
Global purchasing PS plastic
 Shanghai xin plastic products co., LTD. Is the production of PS plastic products enterprise, due to the expansion of production scale, long-term a large number of global sourcing EPS block material, EPS hot melt piece, EPS cold-press blocks, EPS particles, GPPS waste plastics, GPPS particles. Contact person: Mr Hu 13918616268/18616895883; Mail:, QQ:, micro letter: 18616895883
Guangzhou Steel MBA New Plastics Technology Co., Ltd.
 Guangzhou GISE-MBA New Plastics Technology Co., Ltd (“MBAPC”) is a Sino-US Joint Venture founded in January 2004, with a total investment of over US$16 million, encompassing nearly 20,000 m2 with an annual processing capacity of 40,000 tons. The two partners are Guangzhou Iron & Steel Enterprises Group Co., Ltd. (“GISE”) and MBA Polymers, Inc. (“MBA”). MBAPC is located in the Nansha District,Guangzhou Province and produces high quality ABS, HIPS, and PP plastic resins from end-of-life consumer products for reuse in a multitude of applications including those that require UL and RoHS recognized plastics
Intco Recycling
 Intco Recycling is specialized in EPS recycling, manufacturing PS repro pellets and make final products “picture frames”. There are 2 plants in China mainland located in Shandong province and Shanghai, which purchases 40,000 tons of EPS waste annually. We hope to build long term relationship with suppliers from all over the world, we purchse: EPS blocks,EPS ingots, EPS off grade beads, EPS repro pellets, GPPS 和OPS flakes and repro pellets,PSP flakes and repro pellets,HIPS flakes and repro pellets。 Meanwhile we produce compactors branded “GreenMax”,which can compact EPS/Styrofoam,PSP,EPE,EPP.PET etc. GreenMax is well known in Europe and America, what is more, we is committed to buy back all the compacted foam waste densified by GreenMax. Contact: Arrow Gong; Company: Intco Recycling; TEL:021-34978818-1110; CELL:0086 18918364827; FAX: 021-34978808-1110;; Q Q: 704954335
Tianjin Huaxin Investment Limited
 Tianjin Huaxin Industry Investment Co., Ltd. Waste plastics processing project is located in Tianjin Ziya circular economy industrial area, the project relies Tianjin Ziya circular economy industrial zone - a world-class circular economy demonstration areas, national circular economy industrial drive base and the first national "urban mines" function positioning and good opportunities for development of waste plastic from around the world, using the advanced processing technology and equipment, the estimated annual waste plastics processing up to 50 tons. Our company has import and export qualification environmental approvals, purchasing large quantities of various kinds of imported waste plastics: EVA, PMMA, PVC, ABS, PC, PA, PP, LDPE, HDPE, EPS, HIPS, PBT, MS, AS, GPPS, EPDM, welcome calls to discuss cooperation! Mr.Huang: Mobile 13805819974 or 18622192896, QQ1137280054, email: or
Australian supply all kinds of high-quality plastic waste
 Australia has achieved (Australia) company is recycling, waste plastics industry the largest area of Melbourne Australia's processing, the use of a company. Plastic recycling companies committed to Melbourne local environmental protection work, and community waste recycling center local plastic products manufacturers, such as: NPS (listing Corporation), Bondor, Frontier established good relations of cooperation. Also, the company has gained support from the Melbourne local government, made a contribution to the local environmental protection. Australia (Australia) to the company long-term supply all kinds of clean industrial tail: PET bottle chip, PET green packing belt, EPS white hot frit, EPS white, cold press, hot frit EPS color, PP color mixing packing belt, HDPE white crushed material, HDPE material, HDPE powder, LDPE film, LDPE parti color film, PP ABS scrap, waste. The company is not generally traders, want to have qualification, the strength of the company to negotiate! Mr Le 0061-433983467, QQ1348008,, micro message: Email: xiaole0433983467, the company website:
Purchase of waste plastics
 Hengchang plastic trading limited Long-term procurement of waste plastics. Varieties include: PA, PC, ABS, PMMA, pp, LDPE, HDPE, alloy material, PS, and TPO, TPE, and PBT. and so on various engineering plastics. Contact person: Guan Sheng Hong Kong address: Hong Kong pink-collar bugezai road, Lau Shui Heung Road D13 area. Hong Kong Tel: 00852-26744778, mobile: 00852-61197624. Mainland address: xingtan town, Shunde district, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, 39th, a wild goose Park industrial area. Mainland company Tel: 0757-27791611 mobile phone: 13902424001,13690300369. Welcome to contact suppliers directly with me, or you can choose to send the product pictures and price email:
Bulk purchase electrical waste plastic and broken shell material
 Wei metal plastic limited company is located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, specializing in: appliance waste plastic processing broken and trade. Long-term needs sourcing: ABS,PS,PP waste plastic; ABS,PS,PP break; ABS/PS/PP mix crushed material (electrical broken) (refrigerator), we have lots of demand outside the primary sources, expect foreign yard, and a large quantity of suppliers contact me timely cooperation. Contact Liang mobile: 0086-(0), email:,QQ:120166092
Purchase LDPE98 film, LDPE plastic
 Our company is headquartered in Qingdao, Shandong, and provides high quality LDPE granules, EVA granules. International markets all over Europe and America and has offices in Europe, import and export qualification. And long-term demand to expand LDPE98 film, LDPE plastic scrap suppliers abroad. Suppliers and buyers welcome to various countries, contacts with us, sincerely look forward to working with you! Contact: Kelly0086-(0)15965328173, 0086-532-80777617,QQ864416473, email: or
Global sourcing of various waste plastics: PET bottles brick, scrap of LDPE, HDPE waste, ABS, PS and household appliances waste
 PT. The INTECH ANUGRAH INDONESIA was established in November 2004, the company is located in Indonesia in the gung wow Province, Semarang, for many years engaged in the production and trade of waste plastics.The main products are PET flakes and HDPE hollow broken material; LDPE, HDPE, PS, ABS, renewable particles, the products are mainly exported to China. Import and export licenses, the main demand: long-term global sourcing all kinds of waste plastic: PET bottle brick, HDPE milk bottles, ABS household appliances shell waste are welcome to supply the supplier to contact us. Contact: Miss Zhu phone :0062 -85876353585 Tel :0062-24-7627417 Fax :0062-24-7627419 E-mail: eileen.zhu75 @,QQ604557089
The Qingyuan City $ Hengtai Hardware Plastic Development Co., Ltd.
 The company's long-term waste TV cabinet, computer shell imported from Europe and the United States and other countries, as well as a variety of waste electrical enclosure, complete documents, qualifications to meet the main PS / ABS / PP / PVC business and the TV chassis production, processing, the production and sale of high quality green and non-green PS plastic pellets. Suppliers and buyers of various countries are welcome to contact us, to discuss cooperation. Contact: Mr. Yang, Address:, Long Town Huaqiang Industrial Zone, Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province, Tel :0086 -0763-3602211 Fax :0086 -0763-3601122, phone: 0086 - (0) 18027154897 E-mail: ym_ch1024 @, URL:, skype: ym_ch1024
Large demand for foreign handedly PET flakes, crushed material
 Hong Kong Tai Fusen International Trade Co., Ltd., are the main imports of PET bottle flakes, crushed material, with rich resources and quality downstream buyers. Our large demand for foreign primary sources, urged foreign yard and large suppliers contact me and co-operation. Contact: Zhang Junqing. Tel / Fax :0086 -571-61710373. Mob: 13757192866. Mail: zhangjunqing.zjq @ sincerely cooperate with you!
High-quality supply of renewable resources in China
 Phoenix-Asia Sunstar Corporation (A608080050) Tenda (Asia) Ltd. PET polyester: 2000 tons / month. High-quality recycled high density polyethylene and polypropylene particles: 2000 tons / month, 10,000 tons of scrap steel / month, 8,000 tons of waste paper / month, welcomed the Chinese mainland customers to contact us ,00632-5208973,, can also contact the international trading system of renewable resources!
Suzhou GuYue Fiber Co., Ltd.
 It is my pleasure to introduce our factory, Suzhou GuYue Fiber Co., Ltd. , to you. We need at least 1500 tons waste and reycled PET materilas per month. Hope we both can cooperate asap. The details of PET materilas we want are as below: A:Clean and green bottle flakes; B: Filament silk waste (colored); C: PET block material; D: Polyester waste cloth. Add: Huangqiao town, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou, Jiangsu,China. Tel :0086-512-65461765, Fax :0086-512-65461765, Mobile: 0086-(0) 13806213538 Mr. Hu, 0086-(0) 13776085893 Mr. Wu, 0086-(0) 13862161666 Mr. Yang, E-mail:,
Guangdong Huizhou JinFeng plastic materials factory
 Our company engaged in the imports of waste plastics processing, production, sales as one enterprise, global sourcing ABS, PE, PP, PET, PBT, POM, PVC, PA, PC and other bits and pieces of various varieties and colors, broken, Plates, etc. I have advanced equipment and has a modified sector, welcomed the call to discuss suppliers. Contact: Lan Liying, Tel :0086 -752-6895556 / Mobile 0086-13692700313 Fax :0086 -752-6895557 or Wei fuJing, Tel 0086-752-6895569, Mobile: 0086 --13,902,661,236 or, E-mail: , MSN:
Fujian Longyan DaCheng Plastic Co., Ltd.
 Our company engaged in imports of waste plastics, mainly purchase products are LDPE, HDPE, PET, PP, PAMA, PS, ABS and other raw materials. You are welcome to contact us with product photos and quotes. Contact: Mr. Wu, or Miss suelin, Tel :0086-597 -2230188 or 0086-(0)13950815555, Fax :0086-597 -2230188, Email: or
Shanghai Yapan Trading Company
 Agent Shanghai Customs clearance of renewable resources, customs clearance, and related documents entrusted to handle, hire More Information: 0086-13301683990 Mr. Zhang
Jiangmen Yuexin Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.
 Our company is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of staple fiber and functional fiber and nonwoven fabric, with skilled technical workers. We need PET flakes, PET lumps, PET scrap, PET Film, PET chip. Please contact us. Contact: Mr Qiu,Address: Daze Town, Xinhui District, Jiangmen City, Guangdong, China, Tel: 0086-750-6801718, Mobile: 0086-(0)18675086972, Fax: 0086-750-6801607, E-mail:,, QQ: 1046064560.
Chunsing trading INT. LTD
 Our company is in Hong Kong, decomposition factory in Guangzhou and Foshan, Japan has a branch. The main job of the metal, aluminum and broken material, copper, aluminum, stainless steel waste, waste computer dismantling. Looking for some computer circuit board scrap, scrap metal, used laptop (notebook), desktop computer desktop, server, server (finished with the waste), game consoles, network machine. Please contact us. Contact:Mr. Li, Tel: 00852-60774998, 00852-36901797, Fax: 00852-37489502, Continental Tel: 0086 - (0) 13925414567, E-mail:
purchased large quantities of waste plastic Long-term
 purchased large quantities of waste plastic Long-term Japan, Europe and the United States of waste plastics, freight yard, a long-term stable supply of AQSIQ's suppliers, please contact us Taizhou Innovation Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. TEL:0086-576-88076603 FAX:0086-576-88133221 PHONE:13505768019 SKYPE:taizhouchuangxin CONTACT:Xianyao WANG
Purchased large quantities of aluminum scrap and high quality aluminum ingots for sale
 Purchased large quantities of aluminum scrap,Qualification of a comprehensive, welcome to the suppliers negotiate! And abundant supply of high quality aluminum ingots. Company Name: Chongqing Jiantao Aluminum Co., Ltd. Tel :0086 -023-72207357 Fax :0086 -023-72208170 Phone: 013 883 816 888 E-mail: eacar.yue @ Contact: Ms. Yue U.S. Contact Mr. Zhang Lei 001-626-3768306 E-mail:
Purchase global sourcing: no shell transformer core and shell transformers, motors, motors and other types of scrap metal Long-term
 Scrap metal import business of the Company for a license by the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection, Procurement Branch, in the United States, California has Purchase global sourcing: no shell transformer core, shell transformers, motors, motors and other types of scrap metal long-term. Welcome global suppliers to contact us for common development. Chinese company: ZHAOQING SHINEGOLD RENEWABLE RESOURCE CO.,LTD Add:NO.6,HuiyuansanRoad,Longfu,SihuiGuangdong,China Zip code:526200 Tel: +86-758-3812582 Fax: +86-758-3812589: Phone:013620110653 Contact:Sir.Wan、Danny U.S. company:Sunirse E&E Inc. Tel:001-909-860-1880 Contact:Miss.Xiao、Irene
Shandong Oriental Chemicals Trading Co., Ltd.
 Our company is a collection of trade, research and development, production integrated enterprise.Mainly deal in the recycling, reconstitution, modification R&D and deep processing of PE, PP,PS,PET,PA,ABS and other major plastics. And to provide customers with a variety of recycled plastic raw materials and products they needed. Contact Tel: 0086-532-80983731, Mobile: 0086-(0)13864280169, Fax: 0086-532-80983730, Website:
Bayannaoer City Farm HongTong reduced iron Co, Ltd
 Bayannaoer City Farm Hong Tong reduced iron Co, Ltd main sells reduced iron and products 100,000 ton per year, we have AQSIQ and need 20,000 tons mill scale (FE above 70%) per mouth and 10,000 tons stainless steel mill scale (demand indicators: Ni: 3-5%, chrome above 10%, fe: 40-50%)per mouth.Payment for the D/P and L/C. Hopefully can build a long-term cooperation relationships with strong foreign supplier. Tel:0086-18804720160/0086-13904723455,fax:0086-472-2105766,,,QQ:779390019/188599887/969709185.
Buying HDPE regrind
 Yiyang County peak Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. is a plastics recycling and modified informal enterprises, professional manufacturers. Bulk purchase of long-term foreign HDPE, PP, ABS crushed material, welcome yard, stable supply suppliers to contact us! Company: Yiyang County peak Plastic Co., Ltd. Tel 0793 -5818978 Mobile: 13698039236 E-mail: QQ: 113498993 Address: Yiyang County, Jiangxi Province in the rural farm Sugiyama Jiecun
 Suqian Long Hui Paper Company Limited. Consignee is a qualified domestic plastic waste and environmental permits held businesses. The main raw material for the LDPE-LLDPE98 purchase packaged film. AQ hope to have foreign vendors. Be your partner. And expect you to contact us, My Contact: Mobile: 13805845820,18951094447 Tel :86 -0527-86601677, Fax :86 -0527-86601977, mail:, Contact: Chen Guanghui, Company Name: Suqian Long Hui Paper Co. Address: Economic Development Zone Beidaihe Sihong Road north AQSIQ-B32130048-1
Bulk purchase of all kinds of spandex, spandex silk waste, coreless spandex
 Bulk purchase of all kinds of spandex, spandex waste silk, the coreless spandex, 10D-3000D Specifications purchase quantity: more than 2000 tons Contact: China Zhejiang Zhuji, telephone: 057587745566,015267529778 EMAIL:, xygs8818 Contact: Mr. Tony
Purchase of ABS, PS plastic waste
 we are the formal registration of recycled plastics businesses, long-term bulk purchase: ABS、PS plastic waste (Household waste plastics、 factory waste, scrap, remaining scrap, chassis broken, and bar-mounted: computer shell, TV cabinet, printer shell, computer body, homehold appliances miscellaneous cabinet,Small household appliances chassis) We look forward to your reply! Company Name: Guangdong Jiemin Plastic Co., Ltd. Address: Dongguan Shijie cross pit Industrial Zone A Tel :0769 -81827708 Fax 0769 -86,388,018 Mobile: 13829295975 Contact: Mr. Chen E-mail: Skype: suliaomaoli
Purchase of scrap metal wire, waste plastic PE, high density polyethylene recycled materials, mixtures,
 Our company is a registered by the relevant state departments of production, processing, distribution and wholesale of private limited liability company. Mainly engaged in plastic products, plastic parts, plastic pellets, scrap metal wires, the import of waste plastic PE, HDPE, regrind, mixed materials and other products, including leather pvc wire is the main product. The company has strong strength, reasonable prices, excellent service and number of enterprises established long-term relationship. Warmly welcome to visit, study, business negotiations! Mr. Zhao Tianjin Huameng Plastics Co., Ltd. Add: Yanzhuang town, Jinghai county, Tianjin, China Tel: 0086-22-68775316 Fax: 0086-22-68637165 Phone: 0086-(0)13652083215 E-mail: Website:
JiNa XiangSuChang large quantities PVC, EPDM waste sealing strip
 Our company is PVC plastic products factory, seeking for soft PVC plastic suppliers; We all the car purchase supporting manufacturers waste (EPDM) EPDM article seal. I companies adhering to the "based on technology innovation, advocating synergy, make progress, the leading quality wins user" the quality policy, and constantly improve the company organization structure, promoting continuously rich of organization culture centripetal force, and seek for the customer, supplier, the company, employee win-win cooperation partner relations, and finally make more DaHua enterprise value. Please contact with me, Mr. Sun: the cellular phone 18603193033, QQ: 375309468 phone 0319-6399999 fax: 0319-6395286 MSN email:
Bulk purchase of various waste plastics
 SHENZHEN into the Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional exporting recycled plastics processing enterprises, high-quality recycled pellets, modified particles and plastic products exports, undertake OEM plastic products, looking for foreign buyers, purchasing a large number of the following waste plastics: HDPE barrel material , hard-plastic hybrid, PP bumper, EPS cold, PE pipe, tape, etc., 2,500 tons per month, with the goods please contact :0086 -0755-82934819 Fax :0086 -0755-82934791 mail: xjt.xingjin @ 163. com
Purchasing high-quality PP plastic waste in the stable and long-term way
 Fujian Sanhong renewable resources Technology Co., Ltd., is the largest exporter of this line in china, the best industrial enterprise in Quanzhou City. Our company procure PP waste in long-term way, need 5000 tons per month, PP packing straps, PP strap, PP caps, PP safety net, PP hollow plate, CD, DVD PP boxes, PP fishing nets, rope and other PP fibres for agriculture. Please Enterprise having these waste plastics, contact us as soon as possible, to discuss cooperation. Contact: Ms. Zhuang, Mobile: +86 13636900929, E-mail:, MSN:, Skype: janine0727, Website:
Cixi Bridge Zhenze Plastic Factory
 Our company is specialized in recycling waste plastics. Now need to be imported PE, PP, PS, ABS, PC, PET, PA and other plastic waste from abroad, please these suppliers contact us as soon as possible, to discuss cooperation.Contact: Mr. Chen, Address: Bridge Industrial Zone, Cixi City, Zhejiang, China, Tel: 0086-574-63557688, Fax: 0086-574-23631068, Phone: 0086-(0)13486010697, E-mail:, Website:, QQ: 512639860.
JiangSu Tanra Recycled Resources Co.Ltd
 Our factory is located in China Jiangsu Suqian, in an area of 47,000 square meters. annual imports of waste plastics, manufacturing and other services. Major procurement LDPE, PP, PET, etc., seeking to establish global provider of long-term business relationships. We also produce LDPE, PP plastic particles, the annual output of 60,000 tons. If necessary, please contact us. Contact: Li Jun Mobile :86-13706239923 Tel 86-512-52841658 Fax :86-0512-52843586 Email:
Zhangjiagang City Sheng Da Fiber Factory
 Our company need at least 3600 tons waste and reycled PET materilas per month.. A: PET BOTTLE FLAKE (ANY COLOR) 1. hot washed bottle 2. cold washed or pre-washed 3. unwashed but not dirty; B: PET LUMP; C: PET SHEET; D: PET FILM; E: PET CHIP (RESIN) OFF GRADE. Looking forward to your good information, Hope we both can cooperate Jim Chen, Tel:86 512 58787888, Mobile:86 13773285588.
Procurement: pp too empty bag, pp film, thick woven
 Yiyang shun rui is specializing in the production of packaging belt,tear film,woven bags,with large scale,and strong ability In adition,my company has imports qualification,long-term heavy demand at home and abroad:pp space bags, pp film, thick woven bags,requiring Classification clearly, no impurities,spot contact:13607372948 Mr. Wu, but also futures,Letter of credit cooperation,Fax :0737 -3803588 E-mail:
Lianyungang Wanxingda Metal Industry Co., Ltd.
 Our company purchase scrap metal, scrap plastic.Main importing waste have scrap metal, electrical and cable, based on copper, aluminum, steel. There are also copper scrap, aluminum scrap, nickel scrap and so on. Scrap plastics include PE, PS, PET, waste trim, and other textiles rags. Contact:CaoRongxin,Tel:0086-(0)13812342290,Fax:0086-518-85153099,
Nanjing JinJunFeng Trading Co., Ltd.
 Our company is importing large quantities of recycled PET raw materials all year round, requiring foreign suppliers, our company has two cards, the annual demand of some six million tons, annual imports in tons. Contact: Yang Xuefeng (Mr), Tel :0086 -25-86371435, Fax :0086 -25-86371470, Mobile :0086 -013 901 595 809,
Hongkong MarkNi international holding Co., Ltd.
 My name is MARK NI from MarkNi international holding limited Hongkong. I am doing scrap PET bottles trading. I am looking for good supplier to establish long-term business relationship. My E-mail address is My Hongkong phone number is 00852-67278338 and my chinese phone number is 0086-15919994445. please send me your contact details that we can start to talking about our PET business. I am looking forward to hear from you!

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